Our services

We like interesting projects and new challenges.

Internet Services

Cloud services, applications, backends, databases, websites.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps (frontend & backend), iPhone, Android.

Models & Math

Machine learning systems, e.g. transport modelling and simulations for taxi apps.

Support & Administration

Server maintenance, VPS, Amazon and other.


Fresh portfolio of designs that will keep you wanting more.

Foto Album

Print Design

Luca Theme

Web Design

Uni Sans


Vinyl Record






Guys have good skills and are potent to iterate over changing requirements on the fly.


As a team, we have experience in different areas, which allows to do more than each of us on our own.

Anton Zagorodnikov

Chief Executive Officer

10+ years experience in application development, system architecture and managing the team.

Alexander Gritsay

Chief Technical Officer

10+ years experience in applications, business applications and mobile platforms

Dmitry Kalekin

Team Lead, dev-ops

10+ years of programming, dev-ops, testing and development of software

Anton Makarochkin

Back-end, DB, JS, Web-technologies Lead

Databases, servers, server languages, scripting, HTML/JS browser-based technologies.

Paul Anokhin

Senior Android developer, Services developer

Mobile application developer but also an experienced back-end developer, that's a strong combination!

Daniyar Gabbasov

Senior iOS developer

iOS developer (ObjC and Swift), web application developer. Mobile app analytics.

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